Everyday Life

Everyday life should not be a mystery yet it is. Like how is it that if you forget to restock things like shampoo or TP or any other mundane necessities, the amount used is in direct proportion to fact you do not have a reserve; yet when you do stock up as if there will be a huge snow, that bottle of shampoo just drags on and seemingly never runs dry! How do we use so many paper towels and why is there so much trash!It is a mystery and because I tend to fall in the range of not being prepared there are times it consumes my thoughts. Why don’t I stock up? Too cheap.. too lazy…don’t care? Ding ding ding!

It’s the ridiculous little oddities that keeps me annoyed with everyday life and I believe this is why we are usually bored often with the monotonous tasks of life. This feeds the need to do something new.. (not housework)…stay busy and not have everyday be the same. It really is a drag when you do all you can do and still fall short, who’s the judge… ourselves, the harshest critique of all….Yes and it’s just time to stop.

If I can at least keep disease and pestilence away from the bathrooms I consider that a solid score, the time spent cleaning is really short but it feels like two hours of hard time! Remembering to make a list before shopping resembles a term paper and emptying the trash equates hauling rocks. I’m just not there anymore… I just don’t care…life is short and it will be there when I get back. This I have proven. If I could only not think about it, obsess and contemplate what I should be concerned with. Everyday life can be fun if we let go of the stuff ( I actually am considering becoming a minimalist ( of course that takes me cleaning out stuff.. hmm, I’ll need to ponder that!)) there is very little I really need to live. Only the really important stuff….

My preacherman and my paints, glossy magazines and air conditioning; good cucumbers and tomatoes and a cozy quilt. Maybe my paper and pencils and of course my Bible. Now I’m feeling the struggle to let go of stuff, I would hate to not have my computer since I’ve gotten so used to it.. and indoor plumbing of course! Maybe I should just unload non essentials… now what are those?

What’s a girl to do? Just keep on keeping on to quote the 1970’s and think on whatsoever is pure and Holy and good. I can’t change the political wars or the apathy in the church but I can pray and believe that we will be about the Fathers business and this makes everyday life worth living. I believe there is a time for everything and timing is everything! Shake off the cobwebs and be bold… be amazing for God. Be kind and Fair…. love God first and your neighbor. Just today my youngest helped a new friend with a ride home, saved that kid a long walk after a hard nite at work….he called to tell me it made him feel good to help him… all’s right in the world!

Love everyday, live everyday!

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