I could not be more bored..sitting at local tire store.. waiting to have new tires put on my car.. for which are too expensive; enough for a small vacation.. ugh 😑 so here I sit listening to old men folk talk, speaking in run on sentences whilst coughing and laughing and patting each other on the back. Who says we women are the talkers? It’s so interesting to listen in, they are unaware of my eavesdropping and inside jokes in my own head.

I’m not so sure why it takes so long to carry out this task.. my car has been “up there” for over an hour… really long in my opinion, my adult son can change a tire on the side of a busy interstate in a few short minutes so what’s the hold up? They don’t have huge trucks flying by and they don’t have to squat down, my car is eye level! But still they stand and gawk and talk and smile and I’m assuming deciding exactly how long they will make this old lady sit and wait.

I have already picked out a new refrigerator here in the showroom ( yes they sell appliances also, one stop shop) I have decided upon a side by side with freezer in the bottom.. I’m needing a larger refrigerator space FYI.

It has been one hour and ten minutes to be exact and the only salvation is we do have a huge TV ( for sale btw) and now I have Regis and Kelly.. strike that.. Kelly and Ryan! See I am old! Their chatter on this particular day is only irritating me even more… I need my cozy bed and the ability to drift off back to sleep to watch this program, instead I’m sitting straight up in a hard chair with the smell of tire rubber wafting in the air. It’s almost sickening now and it still doesn’t cancel out the BBQ smell still in my hair from cooking super last nite. I have such a life!

I feel like I’m writing from my bunker in the communist country of tires (and appliances!) I know this is not the worst spot I have ever been in and it will be over soon I know.. if not, somebody call the President to get me out.. and oh my they have a doorbell here that rings LOUD only to make me look every time and now my neck hurts… medic stat!!! I act as if I am the only one who has ever been stuck here, I do feel sure that I am the only one who has been this miserable. Could this be my punishment for impatience? Or for my disdain for chores? I struggle with the inability to escape ever since I had a MRI years ago, even a car wash will cause me panic, so this is just one more exercise to get through while adulting. When did I become an adult? You would think I would be used to it, considering I am old. I’m not and I won’t because in my head I am only twenty four or so… skinny and crazy in love with my blond boyfriend( for which married me and I still adore!)

Okay we are at one and a half hours into this hostage event and it looks like rain and I want to go home and I wouldn’t mind some Bacon! I forgot to eat before this event so I’m sure I will be pale and thin when I’m released! Maybe a nice GOFUNDME account could be started in my honor for my obvious PTSD situation, recovery will be slow I’m sure. Please give my best to all who give as well as send prayers for release by Christmas!

Ohhhh boy I just remember there is a Dollar General Store next door.. ok I’ll go there to wander the aisles maybe.. oops wait my vehicle has been lowered down, there is hope! I wish they would vacuum it out like the oil change place, it’s the little customer service things that make life better, but I won’t hold my breath.

Think of me kindly as I hold the fort.. it’s done!!!

Please leave a comment-good therapy!!

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