I have written many times of my love for fall…it is my favorite season. I think I love it so much is because it is a time of year to slip on a sweater and start wearing socks. I am a flip-flop girl as a rule and I wait till the last possible second to switch to “real” shoes but when it’s time I am ready for it. The comfort of cozy attire is one of those memory sensors that set off my need for cooking and gathering my family around. Nights spent playing games and cards, eating great comfort food and laughing.

This next few months are the best of times, even though it is actually the dying process for all of nature, dying meaning hibernation and not actual death. The splendor of the world during fall, stirs up the artist inside me, the colors and the smells; I wish the world smelled like cinnamon and apples every day. The next best thing is lots and lots of candles which bring a cozy warmth and just waiting for the temps to fall below 80!…. gotta love the South!

Sweater weather, walking in the leaves ( I do go outdoors to get the mail ya know) the smell of fires burning are the calling cards of fall which welcome …drum roll…..turkey and dressing and really is that not the goal? It is for me at least… it is one of my top 3 meals; 1 being lobster and 2 being bacon, because you just can’t beat those. If I’m ever on death row those will be my meals of choice before they “off” me! (Don’t forget the drawn butter… yum)

The next best season is Christmas for which needs no description..it’s fun and hectic and a lame celebration for the birth of the savior of the world!… but it is what it is…. my babies come home, the world is still but just for a moment and we know who is the reason we have life. Then just as quick, it’s over and the new year starts with hope and promise and the dreaded winter is upon us. I have no words.

This is not my favorite time, I broke up with winter long ago…about the time I grew up and had to drive to work in snow, totally puts a downer on such a magical time of year. Adulthood does that to ya, takes a perfectly wonderful time and squishes and conforms it to “fit” into the box of blocking time… tick tick tick tock! Bitter? Nooooooo just realizing that the struggles of life are just like the seasons…. but then comes spring!

Ahhh sweet refreshing spring, we look forward to seeing you in 6 months or so. Wake me up when it gets here!

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