Let me start off by saying right up front, I need to check my pride at the door; my claim to fame growing up a country girl, for the first ten years of my life on my beloved farm has been compromised. Not that it’s not true because it is, I lived on a farm…..we had a out house and all! It’s time now to repent from all my ….” Thank God I’m a country girl!” (John Denver and all)…bragging about the splendid life I once lived on the farm. I thought I had street cred but really it was fake news!

To further explain, it was a farm with horses and cows; chickens, pigs and a big ole’ garden and in that garden there were a variety of vegetables, corn, beans, etc. etc! We also had a odd plant named turnip greens (as well as mustard greens, all things green) but because I was immature at the time and the insanely stinking smell they make as they cooked I judged these odd leaf, they have to be bitter and weird things… completely and utterly wrong. Today I repent! Today I must give credit where credit is due… all you crazy people who laughed at me for turning up my pointy nose in the air at the thought of eating greens.. YA’ LL WERE RIGHT! Please forgive me…I was wrong once again.

So forgive me, please…. my dear Granny Maxwell and my lovely Momma, you tried to tell me first, I only liked the raw turnips, given enough salt I loved them. You did your best to convince me, I tend to be stubborn( comes as a shock I know!). But honestly you can’t blame me, the house stunk sooooooo badly! Then, on to all  the school lunch ladies and country restaurant owners who I have snubbed through the years. Of course slopping all my food on top of itself was cruel so I’m only partly sorry to y’all!  Next up is my sweet preacher man who loves them and I have never cooked them for him, I am forever sorry, I was a brat! (By the way, no repenting needed for Salmon Patties, I have eaten those and they are gross, all those little tiny bones (ewe) and they stink even worse and I’m not cooking them, I still maintain my stand on those!) thank you for eating them tonight and liking them and encouraging me to try them, as usual you were right!

Then to my sweet friends here in the ‘burg…. the precious ladies who “shop Amish” for me, bringing me all sorts of garden fare, even teaching me to can green beans… you know who you are, the particular turnip green gals are Glynda and Lois. I listened to y’all and took a chance and with a little bit of Vinegar (eek!) I tried them and WOWIE! They were freakishly great, the tart vinegar mixed with the weird bitter-ish greens, I just don’t know why but I liked them!

My preacherman quizzed my on how I can love cabbage in every way shape and form, it stinks to high heaven….yet snub greens to which I had no answer… seems crazy even to me now, but I can add that greens are a certain taste that I now know would be dandy with beans and cornbread; I get it now……ugh I am just so sad that I let all those years pass by ignoring the greens. I’m sure my granny Maxwell and my Momma are rolling their eyes (in heaven) right about now, but I can now say with pride, honestly and finally without malice…… thank God I’m a county girl!

2 thoughts on “Greens

  1. You are so funny! Glad you have acquired a taste for the finer foods in life. Now you need to try some poke salad with scrambled eggs.


  2. This is so truly hilarious to me only because I truly tried to eat those beloved greens my whole life and hated them! I try so hard to understand why! A few years ago I went to pick them “after the first frost” that kills the tiny critters who try to eat them ! (bugs) I picked not a few but several bags full! I prepared them as my sweet elder friend advised, washing, rinsing, cut off hard stems and then pressure cooked 15 minutes and with a spoon of bacon grease and a tiny bit of sugar my life was forever changed! I loved them! I crave them actually!
    Rose, my friend, I discovered many reasons why I never liked my previous attempts at tasting the garden delights! 1. My mom and grandma and all my kin loved the stems. To me they tasted like the stem of green beans. Hard and tasteless! 2. I seem to recall floating things like oil but quite tasteless and yucky for sure. 3. Big hunks of fat from said pig is not bacon grease. Eeewwww!
    After carefully picking my own, and delicately cutting out the stems and being left with tender leaves and cooking them oh how yummy and delghtful! It is an added bonus that they are so good for you!
    Thanks for sharing!


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