Ode to forty-five

This is a day history was made, the day a political nobody became the leader of the free world. The day that will forever be a pivotal moment in our countries future, or at least we hope so! Many people were not as happy for this changing of the gaurd than some, apparantly being a sore loser is in fashion these days and it’s shocking that so many well educated mindful people can’t rise above and be Americans first and foremost. I was believing in the “….they go low we go high” motto, oh well! 

My first opportunity to vote was Jimmy Carter, I own it; he was southern and a Democrat, my Papa woulda been proud of me and I Knew no better.. I’ve let it go! Next up was Ronald Reagan….even my staunch Democrat Mother liked Reagan..he was a good good man, did many good things for the country, became beloved. President Bush number 1 was ok too ….ok hang with me here I have a point to get to, then came Bill Clinton, eeeeek! But even Clinton was tolerable for a time, but good grief he was a terrible man and say what you want that as long as he ran the country well no worries….so what if he’s disgusting! Wrong kids, a mans character is what makes the man! On that subject he royally blew it! I even feel a tiny bit sorry for poor Hillary for putting up with Bill thinking they would make her the President eventually…they lied chick, why did you ever believe them, you shoulda dumped him to the curb then… had you done that you may have been a contender this time!! Even with that I didn’t riot in the streets or dare to move to Canada or cry like a knucklehead. I did know people who behaved badly, mostly gripe and complain which I say now as I did then.. how stupid. This is the highest office in our land, to be respected and honored no matter who is there. Unless it is the Anti-Christ ..give it a rest and furthermore when “born again Christians” espouse the word hate about any of our past presidents it’s the epitome of disrespectful. I wasn’t too keen on Clinton, but he was our President just as Barak Obama was…so it’s fine, he was survivable, we survived. I wish he(Obama) had done better, I was thrilled we had a person of color in the position for no other reason than so others would feel acknowledged and counted ….it was time. He missed a chance to be even greater than them all before him, unity would have been nice but even yet, he wasn’t the worse!(I refer back to Mr Carter, sorry!)

The point is we are all in this together, play nice, the Hollywood Actors will get over it, the Politicians have a new goal to aim for four years from now. We all voted and if you didn’t then hush up! You don’t get to have an opinion lazy bum! I called this one a year ago, it’s the truth ask the preacherman if you don’t believe me.. I just knew he’d run and win, I just felt it, I mean really why not, what did he have to lose? 

Donald J Trump is the forty fifth President of The United States, I honor him and his wife for taking the job, I pray he is successful and healthy and blessed, for which we all will be also! I could never be them, my tiny fish bowl is enough for me; it is a heavy mantle to carry when you are set forth to serve. I am confident the President Trump will do just fine. God Bless Him and God Bless our country! 

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