As I begin to write this, I am undergoing a futile attempt at peace and quiet. It is as if the very words I typed about the blog title, Charis which is the greek word for Grace, went straight to the Internet and hit my son’s brain like a blast. I’ve been in the bonus room, on the one and only computer in our house which is in itself ridiculous!!! OMG are we the only, relatively doing okay, people in the universe that haven’t bought their teenager a computer of his own? Or, at least one for myself? I just may drop dead now.

There he stands, in the door, going on about me being in his personal space and why do I have to be on the computer NOW!

After he stopped standing in the doorway, huffing and puffing. Grrrrr. He is now on his bed making it squeeeeeeek! He complains about that bed all the time. It’s old and squeaky so now he is using it as leverage. Ha! I will not back down. I have been through three other ones just like him. Well really, he is the most master-mindful one. The others were somewhat better, though, at getting away with stuff. I recently found out about old high school capers! But, this last kid is good at using his brain not his brawn. Wearing me down. Squeeeek, squeeeek! Little does he know, I am a mother. The mother of all mothers and when I get in a zone, forget about it! I have heard of paying attention. AHHHH Grace!

Okay, now he is on his keyboard. Creative that one! This is really becoming kind of fun. He is the one kid that screaming at never helped. I could yell, threaten, ground him to no avail. He is way too brain-powered for all that. His brother says he is spoiled rotten. Well, could be true. He has been raised in a somewhat only child situation being nine years younger than that brother. I grew up that way too and let me tell you it is not a basket of daisies. It is a lonesome life at times. Yes you get away with more because the “grown-ups” just don’t want to be bothered but, lonesome all the same. AHHHH Grace! I need thee!

This is the reason for this new attempt for a therapy session by way of writing a new blog. Have I opened up the door to new ways for me to be tormented? Probably so. It wasn’t thirty minutes ago I was outside attempting to pull weeds out of the flower beds, which is very therapeutic since I always get a preach on myself about how weeds are so like sin, they grow and crowd out the good soil, now that will preach! But, I was working in the weeds and here he comes. MA! can I make some pasta?” (Picture Will Ferrell saying that (MA…make some meatloaf! The Wedding Crashers and you got the picture!)

So I come in to make actual better for him food, get him settled, and sneak up to the quiet to ponder and — ticktock, could a called it! Here he is buzzing in my ear like a little gnat! AHHHH Grace!

Actually he is playing real songs on that key board, figuring them out, he is pretty musical that one, so if this is causing that then my job as a mother has been done.

Ain’t life grand?

Ahhhh Grace!

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