Cold cruel blog

These days it has been hard to find the time…to find the time to record my thoughts….to share my most profound reasonings and amuse with my catchy quips. Life had been busy and there just haven’t been enough hours in the day.
Then I return to my love…writing, recording, waxing poetic about the important life traumas, good and bad, only to be slapped ever so brutally by my cold cruel blog!!!
I mean really! A few days without words of pure wisdom and this is what I get? Really blog? Are we broken up? Should I turn to another? Have you not trusted me to return…. Do you not have more faith in me than that?
Fickle, fickle world ….cold cruel little blog. I thought we had more than this. Who am I to think you would wait for me….pitiful as I am. My heart is broken and I am not sure if I can go on this way, living by the stats everyday. I needed to take some time away from the pressure to perform, yet now I am a failure in the midst of successful bloggers. Why do you allow me to live and still write?
I am ready to take my punishment….inform me of my penitence, sack cloth and ashes are too good for me. Cold cruel blog!


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