All that Heaven Allows

Once again I find myself home, nursing this dental problem for which I am way past tired of, after another visit to Dentist where he says, “it is slightly better!”

Thanks for the encouragement dude!

Anyways, home and watching one of my favorite movies, an oldie that has Jane Wyman and Rock Hudson circa 1955.

This movie is full of melodramatic moments and heart breaking what if’s. It’s about a somewhat May/ December romance — way before Demi and Ashton. The reason I love it is because, visually, it is beautiful! It plays out in what appears to be Vermont or somewhere like that — the vibrant fall colours and then the winter wonderland, old mill with water wheel and all.

I will watch it just for those reasons but I also love Rock, gotta love a man bold enough to walk around with that name but that’s what I love about that era in Hollywood. The movie big shots named the stars what they thought would be a big sell! He was handsome for sure! He was also in one of my favorites, Magnificent Obsession, and along with Jane Wyman. Good one.

I love old movies. They’re full of mystery and “real life” that sometimes I think would be a kick to still have. With all the modern conveniences as well as freedoms and rights and inventions.

On second thought maybe not!

2 thoughts on “All that Heaven Allows

  1. I love this movie, too. It’s so comforting visually. I like the scenery and the clothes. Jane Wyman is angsty without being annoying. And I love the bit about her kids getting her the television when what she really wants is HER OWN LIFE.


    1. Absolutely true! I am with her on that one.. Your family goes and acts like you have committed Harry carry if you try to be yourself again, not someone’s wife or mom…funny thing was she was playing probably a 40 yr old, sooo young!


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