There are days that I would wish beyond all wishes that I could sing…well. My wish would not be to be a great superstar singer, or even a cool rock-n-roll chick, (though I must admit at one time I did want to be Stevie Nicks), but I regress. It is that I imagine that if I had the ability to express, in song, how much I love and honor our Lord; with just one bit of worship that would maybe give him the glory He deserves. WoW! It is beyond me, that place that is so real and soothing all the way to your very soul, yet if just for a fleeting moment. That moment you actually feel in the presence of God. There have been few songs that have caused me to fall flat on my face in worship, but when that time comes, it feels as if I have been transformed from here to there, where ever there is. It is the euphoria I felt at the time I saw my babies come forth and be the all-in-all for my soul. The historic moment when I knew beyond measure how much God loved me. What a gift! I am amazed at His trust in me to bring these lives to me to love, as He loves me. Though daily I feel my clay feet, clomping around without so much as a prayer of success, to live up to the blessings He has given me, He believes in me much more than I believe in myself. But then when those select moments come, of pure joy in His constant love and compassion, I find myself overcome with the understanding of His grace. Oh how He loves me……I can only respond with tears with an unabashed sense of His favor that keeps me walking for another day, and then another. I regret my carnal nature is ever-present and my laziness and lack of structure keeps me away from these special glimpses into His heart. For that I so repent and pray for strength to forge on, to find that time with Him, my most constant friend. Oh how he loves me so.

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