Lucky for Me!

Lucky for me?
Wow…time sure does fly…or at least that’s what they say. Who is(are) they, anyways? They sure are smart and seem to be very wise. Who can argue with they? Not me, there are too many of them! I only make the statement about time and then prove my point at the same time….time flies! In reference to time I have to say that I am of the mind that it is sooooo short but yet sooooo long depending on the need at hand. So very short when you are taking a test or when you see an old friend, then you beg for more time. Make deals with all who could possibly help for more time. But then, when you are waiting for a bus or news on the health of a loved one or a new job….tick toc tick tock! Ugh, it is awful and seems to be more of a mean trick than just the simple fact that things just take time. I know that there is logical explanations on this subject of time going slow or fast. The plain truth is that time is what it is…there are twenty-four hours in a day and sixty minutes in an hour and sixty seconds in a minute and when you are waiting on news of some event in your life those seconds and minutes and days seem like an eternity. I know all this to be true because of course since I am of the impatient sort this time ticking slowly by is my cloak of horror. With disdain and contempt I wait and wait until it seems like I just might die….note to self: If ever I decided to take up dramatic acting…do so! I surely think I would be good at it since every little episode in my life seems to be a major one-act play, two if I am lucky and the clock ticks even slower! I guess the lesson to be learned with all this waiting is that there are lessons to be learned and time given to gain perspective on one’s life and see that we aren’t always so great at figuring it all out by ourselves. Sometimes it’s good to have a second opinion, more than the other voice in your head! Thanks Lord for your patience! you are pretty cool that way…lucky for me!

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