Here’s your sign!

With all the current events that have developed lately, it is with great unsurety when I go to bed every night weather I will awake to find myself blown away or worse half dead. It has become a real life …now I lay me down to sleep moment! The times…. they are a changin’ to quote a well know philosopher/prophet/songwriter and it seems that the Lord is up to something. HE will have his way, one way or another. The awesome part is not the scary, worst one since 1953, tornadoes and the recent past, 100 year floods or massive tsunamis or volcano eruptions with a side of earthquakes; the amazing thing is that I have never heard so many people on TV or anywhere talk about the Lord. It has been a common thread, not a taboo anymore. From newscasters to reporters to regular people on the street. It is obvious that the people involved in the tragedy would be talking the about GOD; they have just been decimated, they’ve lost all their “stuff”… lost family and friends. Even when the man proclaimed the day that the “End of the World” was to occur…that got people talking. Even that poor man who seems not to have a grasp on the true Word of God appears to have played a part in bringing us into the conversation. The church world always talks a good talk but, when the rest of the crowd is interested and engaged in the discussion, the word Rapture was said over and over…. it tells this lady who is not a prophetess or the daughter of one, that this thing is wrapping up. These are the birth pains I have heard about. The signs of the times are upon us…it has been remarkable to me how much it is in the under current of our talk and consciousness. Gods love will prevail! One national talk host, from England, continues to call the tornado landscape Armageddon “like”. I have seen him over and over be in awe, as we all are, but he continues to call for us all to pray and appears to be moved with compassion. The church world looks for signs and wonders! Well folks….”Here’s your sign!” I would like to have a survey on the number of people who go through these life altering events and then end up in a church or synagogue or mosque or whatever the choice may be to give thanks to the God of us all who spared their lives. I would venture to say the number is high. None of this makes any sense to any of us. It shows no partiality to any one town or group or race, The Bible says, It rains on the just and unjust. That pretty much means ALL OF US! It turns out when all the fluff is blown away we see the real people that we really are, a known fact is…a nice new SUV flies through the air and smashes to the ground the same way my eleven year old, hand-me-down blessing of a Cadillac would…it’s all rubble when the end comes. Not that I would mind to have fluff too,(actually, I am very blessed, don’t let me whine!) but the point is that isn’t the important “stuff.” My four knot head kids and my loving preacherman husband are the “stuff” I want….when it’s time, I pray we all go together, Raptured or otherwise. OOPS! I about forgot our Buddy, poor dawg, him too Lord! All dogs do go to heaven …right?


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