Even so Lord……

Even So Lord…come quickly! All this talk about the end of the world…the Rapture of the Saints which is suppose to happen tomorrow, May 21, 2011, can be a bit disturbing. Not because I am not a believer or I am not ready, on the contrary. I know that I have the Blood of Jesus covering me, I know I have the Grace of God and His spirit running through me…I know that I Know that I KNOW, I am saved from a horrible eternity spent in Hell. I know there will be snakes there…wasn’t a hard decision some 30 yrs ago! I believe! The sad part is the multitudes of humankind that do not have that assurance, people who are clueless to what all that even means or what it takes to be “safe.” I have to think that if I truly have all this surety that my sins are forgiven..( I keep a short list on that one, I wouldn’t trust myself to go very long with one of those things looming over me, ha) I feel like I would have some sense of anticipation, a feeling of this is the time. But the people in the days of Noah didn’t seem to realize it, it is a for sure brain teezer..were all the people on earth way back then heathens? Was there nobody who said…hmmm maybe that dude is right, so just in case I am throwing in with ole’ Noah. What do we have to loose…our pride? I just don’t know…God is the only one who does. I can’t spend all my time on what was, I can only do my best to keep on top of what IS. If it happens tomorrow…Praise the Lord! If not, then there is a lot of work to be done. One thing I see good is that there have been a multitude of people talking about it…The Rapture, that is! I haven’t often heard that much in the news before now….if it brings people to their knees then it has been a good thing. The truth is the truth…WAKE UP WORLD…THIS IS GONNA WRAP UP SOONER THAN LATER! It will happen…some day, in Gods time. My prayer is that we all are ready..to all my family and friends…be ready…pray and believe…it will cost you little, but it cost our Lord it all. It’s not Religion…it’s a relationship with the best friend you could ever have. I love you all enough to say…Get on the Bus!!! Maranatha! (look up!)

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