“The Thrill”

To say that my life has been changed in the past twenty-eight years would be an understatement….as any woman who gives birth to a child would say, you no longer are your own person. You have given a huge piece of yourself to create another and the first time it happens, the shock and awe of it all is more than any movie maker in Hollywood could create. Needless to say this drama takes place every minute of the day… and night, all over the world. It isn’t anything special I hear, it can even be done in a laboratory! But from the eyes of this first mom…on that day, it was a thrill! The world of the unknown was finally revealed and for the first time in my life I have something….someone who is all mine. How can anyone ever question if there is a GOD after all that…still surprises me after all these years and three more beautiful smiles-that it is even possible, pretty smart I say. This thrill was only enhanced by all the firsts to come in my beautiful boys life… smiles, steps, sweet kisses, flat top haircut!!! First day of school, home run and graduation day….. A life of joy and fun being the big brother to three more little miracles. When he was kicking people in the shins we called him “a pill!” and during his teenage years he was the self proclaimed….”the thrill!” all of which were true and have remained constant in the life of this young survivor….. For the past ten years survival has been the goal and true to form it has come to pass… Still kicking shins and being a pill as well as living in the thrill of freedom and complete honesty, the same way he came into this world. His is a life that changed mine forever and my heart has been lost to him, my blue-eyed boy who still remains the biggest thrill of my life!

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