Most of the time it isn’t very hard for me to love someone….at least when I hardly know them(duh!); when it becomes difficult is when some time has passed and I have allowed myself to get to know them. This comes as no shock to most people… We are all more alike than we care to believe. But as of late, I have been keenly aware of the opportunity to close the door on people without much thought. It just is easier, less drama. When we get more intimate with them and we become accustomed to having them around….hence a friend, someone who we wish to spend time with we start having expectations. The problem starts when “they” don’t behave or live up to the standards for which I do….or supposedly do!…..they let us down….boohoo! Poor me! I have always prided….(oops, yep I said it, pride, ouch) prided myself in my open-mindedness. I have a history of life experiences to prove such a fact. I could give many examples of my openness to people from all walks of life…..but that would be boastful and It wouldn’t be very honorable of me! To the point….it is never my job, nor right to judge any other person….ever. This is not a new revelation; it is basic Christianity, but rarely practiced. I have found that when you make the conscious effort to not judge, you realize how much you really do. It is frustration in over drive and when you allow yourself to see with Gods eyes….well, let me warn everyone…it can be shocking. Not at what you see, more at what is seemingly “allowed”! Seriously… How is it fair that “they” get away with that….grrrrrr! I am laughing as I am even writing this… Keeping score so to speak is so futile. But we do it, sadly and it is so silly. We all have our own moral rules and regulations, a code, a line we never cross… But as different as we are there are that many different lines. About the time I think I am as loving and open as anyone…WHAM! Smacked right up in the face with another chance to blow it. Grueling as it is, I must change. UGH! Please Lord fix me….ok, ok, I know… Judge not lest ye be judged! You’ve told me already! Now I know why my kids get frustrated with me when they are complaining and I zip off a scripture like I am sooo smart! Smak! Right back at my own self. Lesson to be learned. We are all at different places in our lives and learning about this thing called life and GOD and we are not the judge or even the one that holds the ruler…nor our job! I am not the boss of everyone! Hello, my name is Rosemary and I am a control freak….I will think for you if you let me and point out all the things you do wrong…in my eyes! Sigh!

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