New Year…New Blog added!

As I was pondering the do’s and don’ts of writing a blog I considered what it would mean to write two (2) blogs. Redundant? Yes, but it would enable me to reach a larger audience, which let’s just be real, is the point!

I would rather not assume anyone would expect me to have the non flattering “awe shucks, I just write for myself” attitude, though I do and I also write to be heard — whatever form that takes and I am not bashful of that fact.

To say the least, I am and always have been a “ham” no matter how humbly I do go about it. I am a person who likes the attention when I do something good. Being overlooked was never one of my strong goals in life. When you are last in a line of kids, fighting for the top wrung is a way of life — get up there or get left out!

So, this brings me to this point, anyone listening out there in the blogosphere????

Just checking!

Please leave a comment-good therapy!!

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