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Remember Me…..

Tonight as the whole world watches the clock…..tic, tic, tic, tic, toc…….waiting ever so patiently for the moment when the biggest Lottery amount is won, hopefully…..I ponder what it all means?

What would it change and what would I do if I had bought a ticket and actually won? I really couldn’t guess since it would be too shocking, first I would think ……I can go to the grocery store and get what ever I wanted without even thinking about it…(I have simple wants!).

Also, I could pay all our bills a few months ahead! Awesome! Next I could get my kids set up, reliable vehicles, new clothes, nice place to live. Bless all my family. Pay off our church debt and bless all the missionaries I could find.

And because I am a girl….buy shoes and hire a maid and a cook!!! let’s get real …. It’s the little things! Of course there are many places to spend money and great causes and I would hope I would be the most benevolent of all people. BUT since I didn’t buy a ticket, I can only hope one of my peeps did!!! And shares!!!!!!!!

Think of me when u come into your kingdom!!


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