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Reader’s Appreciation Award!

Thank you to ….http://jensinewall.wordpress.com/ for the award!! READER APPRECIATION AWARD!!! I am honored and humbled…of course! I must applaud all of you fellow bloggers, it appears we are a mutual admiration society and I think that is A. O.K.! If we can’t brag on ourselves than who will!!
So here we go with the whatsit’s and whoseit’s!

Now most blog awards have rules and I am fully able to abide. Link back to the blogger who nominated you, link to your nominees and post the award. Not sure what bragging rights come with this award so I won’t bother with many. It is hard to accept any awards of appreciation because I appreciate you all so much. Thank you for all of you allowing us into your lives and taking part in an amazing “family” of bloggers. So here goes, go forth and appreciate!!!

1. http://thewanderingyouth.wordpress.com
2. http://ellepeterson.wordpress.com
3. http://ninepoundhammer.wordpress.com
4. http://mazeaday.wordpress.com
5 http://natashanuttall.wordpress.com
7. http://caffenaitedandrandom.wordpress.com

6. http://goodoldgirl.wordpress.com

Whew…7 is all I could do, it’s Sunday and it makes my back hurt to attempt any more….and I switched the numbers…deal with it!
I appreciate ya’ll!!!

greeneyesmom aka www.preacherswifeintheknow.wordpress.com

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