In Memory

my sister and friend Ramona
This is my sister-in-law and she passed away a few months ago, way to young, she was my age and there has been a huge vacuum in my life. I can not still get through my brain that she is gone…and I thought I was doing okay with it. Silly me….about the time you think you got it….SMASH!!! right in the kisser it hits you like a ton of bricks. So many ways that I miss her. We could talk for hours on the phone about absolutely nothing and clear up all the worlds problems at the same time. She was my sounding board and there was very little we did not talk about. We had a few things off-limits which were usually about her brother and about our kids at certain times. We could nauseate each other with all the rhetoric of how wonderful our kids were, my four and her two and then one of us might decide to pick a little and then we’d get all riled up and need to get off the phone real quick! We were funny….we knew what buttons to push on each other, but
no worries we would be back at it later on or the next day….that’s just how we rolled. Even with that she was my best friend, a life long friendship that was cultivated through long conversations, praying together and laughing a lot. She always was my cheerleader and loved for me to do artsy things. I guess that is why it has been hard lately because I am launching out into the deep with my business. I miss her and wish I could tell her about it. Can’t stop saying that…seems to be my mantra these days…I miss her, I miss her.
Father n law Curtis, who passed the day after his daughter, my sis n law Ramona

This man is the Dad I never had….translation, I have a Dad but he left us when I was ten….never saw him much, I loved him but he was a person trapped in a lost life. When I met my husband and his family Curtis was the consummate gentleman. He was so welcoming and kind to me, always met me with a smile and a hug. He was or seemed interested in anything I had to say and so sweet and loving. He was a pillar to us all and his walk with the Lord was one of great faith and endurance. We lost him the next day after my sister-in-law. It was an awful weekend to say the least. No one who ever knew Curtis could ever say they didn’t like him…he was loved by everyone who knew him. He worked hard to provide for his family and never turned away work. He was a man of great character and kindness. He loved his wife to no limit…they were a match made in heaven. I miss him also, not the same at the house without him, his wife is sad all the time, she does well but I know it is so hard. He always took such good care of her even to the neglect of himself, but she loved him back and that has been plain to see. I honor this man, he was the real thing, not perfect but we always knew where he stood. Right with the one who he loved and served all his years…Jesus. What a testimony! I could only be so lucky!


6 thoughts on “In Memory

  1. I just found your blog through Farm Fresh Vintage. So sorry to hear of your family’s losses. We have had our share as everyone does. I can tell you that you will continue to miss them but you will build a new life without them because not only is that what we have to do but they would want us to continue to love, be loved & enjoy our experiences. Rev.21:4,5 gives us a wonderful future hope & a promise for a better world. Blessings.

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    1. ..thanks so much for your kind words and for reading! We are getting there…day by day, GOD is good and HE is our strength….please share myblog anytime…..our mutal support makes us ALL stronger… and peace, Rose


  2. oh wow, I am so sorry to hear about your losses, especially your sister in law. You seem like such a bubbly fun person, and to have half of you taken away from you in form of sudden death is just terrible. I hope you are able to return to your normal life and I’m sure your sister in law is proud of the fact she was able to have such wonderful connection with you during her time on this planet.


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