….already June!

Has anyone besides me realized that as of today we are at the end of June, we are halfway on the way until Christmas! How is this possible…it was just Christmas!Maybe its because the winter drags so long, all those days without the warmth of the sun, unlike today, the sun is so bright and thick hanging in the air its hard to take a breath. The God-awful heat just jumps out at us with no buildup, freezing cold then one day… BOOM! This is a day in the life in the South. We southerners are well versed in all the humid, sticky, did I say humid…days of summer. We can literally cut it with a butter knife, the air here. Yet we endure. I’m pretty sure we invented fans for which I am assuming started in the old southern churches without air conditioning. When one makes the choice to spend two hours in dress clothes in a “hot box” with Jesus then there must be a way to stir up a breeze and a fan with a gentle savior painting on one side and the local funeral home add on the other. I find that comical as if its just a reminder ….”you think its hot here?”

There is nothing like the South and I am a direct product for which I wear as a badge of honor. Growing up on a farm will do that to you, endless days of fields of Hay and garden vegetables and June bugs and blackberry vines; running barefoot in the creek, climbing the sycamore tree and catchin’ lightnin’ bugs. Summers were very long then and winter was even longer. That is also childhood and until the day reality shows up and the clock starts and time ticks away faster and faster, it is Nirvana. I found sanctuary in those memories of back then, I will forever be mindful of how short life really is.

I think that the reason I love to drive through the Amish Countryside here near where I live, it is so calming to me. There are fields and fields of green grasses and hay and corn. I had to get past my fear of the “Children of the Corn” Movie, and I promise I go early in the morning, that’s when you find the best vegetables but also there is no way I would be there at night, nope never! You might say I am easily influenced and if there ever is a zombie apocalypse I’m pretty sure they will come from those corn fields! Every day I think about how sad I will be when the fresh cucumbers run out and the last of the tomatoes, yes I am already dreading it. It will be here before I know it, summer will be over and the winter will come. It will be Christmas again.

Time is so slow but always in a hurry, the book of Ecclesiastes tells us there is a time for everything, everything is about GODS TIMING. That is the only way to understand it, and I believe that is why time goes so fast, it is short and we only have a small snippet of it to make a difference. Whatever our faith tells us to do, how to treat people, love them…leave them; help them. It seems that the time here in this world is closing in, that the Lord is about over all the ridiculous atrocities of the knuckleheads here (or is that me tired of it?) anyway thankfully God is longsuffering but, there will be a day…..when its finished and we will all see what all the fuss is about. Of course I believe, I will be with the Lord, if I am alive when He returns, if not I get to meet everyone there either way. I hope we all will be kept safe in Him.


There is time to make sure….but the time is short. Marana tha!

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