The Harsh Truth of Motherhood!

This Mothers Day I have felt inspired to share some thoughts about life in fray!
Given that I am the mother of 4 special, beautiful children…actually now grown-ups and now and Mamaw to one precocious little 3 year old, a real life princess….. I feel I have all rights and privileges to be honest…with all due respect to all of them this is The Harsh Truth of Motherhood!

Truth 1– God IS with us WE WILL not fail!……WE WILL wash your face and hands, WE WILL watch you walk all the way into the school, WE WILL check you’re your friends to just make sure…WE WILL take you to church and pray continuously for you, WE WILL make sacrifice’s for your well being (and remind you of it when you are older)and WE WILL give you the last piece of pie but mostly WE WILL always love you…every minute of every hour of every day…for the rest of your life!

Truth 2-We are a chosen generation!…Every generation of Mothers are given direction from God to protect YOU! It is our mission in life (a sickness some may say!), We are equipped and certified to not let one lock of your hair come to harm, we are all knowing and all seeing and what we don’t see we can sense danger lurking, we are more capable than the Navy Seals …we ARE the boss of you whether you like it or not! We love you NO MATTER WHAT!

Truth 3-You are His workmanship!…You are fearfully and wonderfully created, You are never a mistake or in the way; a bother or too much trouble, You are the cutest Pup in the litter and the sweetest baby girl in the world, Every temper tantrum reminds us to ask for grace and realize how God feels. We may not always like what you do or the choices you make.. but we will always love you…..unconditionally forever!


Truth 4-Jesus Saves….Jesus died of you, intercedes for you, waits for you and works all things together for your good. He will catch you when you fall even when us Moms aren’t there to catch you. No one will be more involved with the blessings of your lives than Jesus, He loves deeper and more than even us Moms, He died for you, you are important to Him….He loves you even more than we do.
As Women, we are called to a great mission, we are nurturers and caretakers and helpmates and visionaries; we were the first ones at the tomb of Jesus, He trusted us to tell the men HE WAS ALIVE!
The harsh truth of Motherhood is… we wouldn’t have it any other way!
You need us, we need You…we are here for a purpose,
God is with us…we will not fail!



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