On this Mothers Day I have one question?—What does a Mother really want?
Now, whether you are a Mother by way of birth or adoption, or the Mother who is the best Aunt or Sister who stood in the Gap for those who needed them, all are valuable to us and to God.
So what do we really want?…as Mothers and Women?
Its not the fancy gifts or special dinners….(although don’t stop those, they are great so lets don’t go crazy here!)
But what she really wants to be is …EXTRAORDINARILY, OBVIOUSLY……. GREAT AT THIS MOTHERING THING, the real life, day-to-day-woman-to-woman truth….

She wants to be MORE!
More patient, more calm, more caring…..More Christ-like!
Less hiding our tears and regrets when we just cant make sense of it all, less feeling overwhelmed and anxious that we are not measuring up.
Most of us would give our last piece of chocolate….maybe?….to be able to do it all over again, if we were to be honest…Realizing that most of the drama WE caused because our “precious angels” would not cooperate, was not really what was needed at the time…but in the heat of the battle it was MOMentous!

If you are a woman or know a woman, then you will agree Drama follows! …Hush Men! ….its the 3year olds to the teen years that are the root of the problem!…..Lord help us all!

What we desire is more time to get it more right and less wrong.
More time to be spontaneous, to let the chores go and just play….we really just want them to remember the GOOD!
What every Mother and Woman wants is a truckload of GRACE.
Grace that buries her fears that her faith wasn’t enough….to realize we are always sufficient—-because God always gives us HIS SUFFICIENT GRACE.
We don’t have to fear if we were enough for our children…husbands….parents..or even puppies!…because we all have a FATHER who is there to catch us when we fall.

–All of us are sons or daughters…We all had Mothers
And we honor GOD for the women who gave us life.

–For Mothers brave and strong, compassionate; full of wisdom and grace
We give GOD thanks for you
–For Mothers vulnerable, worried and frustrated…
We encourage and pray for you
–For those who gave birth to their first child this year or their 4th
We celebrate with you
–For those who have lost one of their precious babies…
young or old …..Who have broken hearts……..
We mourn with you
–For those struggling to raise children……thru the snares and pressures of life
We reach out to you
–And for those who are empty nesters….we feel your loss…..
but encourage You in the new life you have….finally….peaceful, quiet, joyful…..shhhhh!..dont tell them you are having such a fun life!

–For all the women who do not have children but help the rest of us to lead and teach and Guide these wee ones…….
We thank you.
–For those Mothers who have felt the disappointment of distance and heart ache of the children who go and never look back…….we sit with you and hold your hand
–For those Moms who are step mothers…figuring it out as you go, we walk with you through these complex paths
–To those who for whatever reason, placed children up for adoption, we commend your selfless heart
And for those Mothers who adopted…..PRAISE GOD YOU WHERE THERE!

And for those of us who hold our Mothers memories…..for Moms who will never know us again as we hold her hand and tell her goodbye and thank her for loving us…….we feel your loss.

And on this day we celebrate our Mothers—don’t forget—we are daughters, sisters and women created in the image of GOD that give not just life…but abundant life. WE are caregivers, teachers, prophets…preachers…and leaders! Women who fight and struggle and pray and believe; who have HOPE and Faith and the courage to face off any demons that would attempt to overtake their families….
THEY ..DON’T ..WANT.. TO.. MESS.. WITH.. US!!!!!!!

For all the Moms and Women in their wide variety and many forms
Happy Mothers Day, y’all!

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