Today I woke up from a crazy dream, yes it was ridiculous but it also was so annoying I can’t stop thinking about it. So maybe I can release it and let it go through telling it!

Ok here goes, I was somewhere not sure but like a public place and I see Pat Boone (ridiculous right!) but I go up to him and ask for his autograph (tacky I know but I’m a autograph hound, I once got Bob Hopes… score!) So I was asking him apologizing at the same time and frantically looking for clean paper when this woman runs up and says to Pat Boone…”please Now Man of God come now and pray for my son!” So he picks me up (ok I was like baby size(a dream remember)) then after he was struggling (thanks ….Pat Boone knows I’m fat!lol) I said ..I can walk, then we are at a Funeral Home. Then we sit at a table… quietly!

The parents were discussing the sons arrangements while the sick son sat there as well as Pat Boone and me! Soooo I jump up and loudly say…HEY!….”what are you doing?..you ask the Man of God to come and pray yet you continue to talk death! Don’t you know that he is sitting here wasting his time and the power of God can heal your son!!!!” They just stared.

I was angry and loud and saying everything that my preacherman husband has ever said and taught me which is the Word of God…yet I’m not a preacher… I don’t do that…but boy oh boy it got all over me! So I had to step in! That boy sick, sad and they just continue on like it’s just what you do.

Now I know that some are healed here and some in heaven and I know that faith is hard but why take the first step then stop? This is the time when we at least try… we take the step toward the altar but then just leave still carrying the baggage. I’m as guilty as the next one. But I believe and will believe till I am gone that my Lord wants freedom for me and mine.

Then… I woke up.. ugh dreams are so annoying! But I realized… my preacherman does this Sunday and Wednesday over and over and telling us how to live, to believe and we sit there and soak it up and say “wow that man can preach” and it stays there. We are given the opportunity to be partakers of the spoil if we just would be, He shares that with us if we would take it boldly and walk in the victory of Jesus suffering. What are we so scared of… we are worthy not because of us but because of Him!

Yes Yes Yes Lord! Help me to walk in the power and boldness of your Holy Spirit…. and give Pat Boone a shout out… I don’t know where he came from, it musta been the pizza last nite!

Walk in Power y’all!

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