Now that it is officially thirty-nine minutes past my birthday….I feel it is time to reflect on my many years of living…with all my sage wisdom that I have compiled over the last…several….more than I can believe days on this earth. With the time here fleeting…moving in the “Autumn” of my life…looking directly down the barrel of the “Winter” ….(of my discontent: Shakespeare) season, all I really have to say is I have decided I will now be AGELESS.

Not ageless in the way that one may describe a certain vintage Chanel purse or a Frank Lloyd Wright house (though both super cool in their own right), or that may be Timeless, oh well!….but ageless in having NONE. No age. Nope not one….I’m feeling a bit done with the whole age thing. Who cares anyway…let’s be honest. We spend our whole youth wanting to grow up…wanting to not let anyone tell us what to do, then….. we get to our twenty somethings and “grow up”…sorta…. only to realize that thirty is the worst of all birthdays because all our excuses in our head that we are still just a kid have lost all weight. We aren’t kids anymore…and that stinks…or stings, really.

Then when we become “mature” and thirty somethings we bear down and make up for the silliness of our past, get a stiff upper lip and forge ahead to make something of ourselves…that was sure fun! Then the dreaded Forty shows up with all its glib, sarcasm…daunting us…cold cruel world I say, then it arrives and eh..not so bad! Actually good…I can own this one. Just when I think I’m past all the failures of child bearing years only to come face to face with a house full of teen ager years and all the angst to be repeated with my own kids, deja vu all over again…ugh. (thanks YOGI) But hey at least its not me, right! It still spills over, sloshing all around, clean up on all the aisles, STAT!

I know I need to stop there because I am getting painfully close to revealing my real age…but even with that I will divulge that in the…WAIT FOR IT…… fifty somethingsI just don’t care anymore! I am free! I am done with the tick tock of the time clock…who cares, I made it this far I am sure(wink, wink) this will be the best part. Got those “young’uns” out of here, on their own road of pain and suffering (its whatcha get kids for tormenting us…na na naboo boo!) All’s left now is to enjoy life…Do what I want to do….this is MY TIME!!!!

Welp….that was fun while it lasted, I felt a little brave….. thought I would just say it…once!…….But really who wants to be that self serving?(ME!) Maybe so… on some days…but then along comes a little smiling face….(note to self:LOOK OUT!)..they didn’t warn us about grand babies and now I am in the thick of one that I can’t keep my eyes off of and my heart is so full of anticipation for the next funny thing she does…well I am gushing, but she really is the sweetest feisty little girl ever to be born….after her mother that is. Who can be selfish will all that going on?

Smitten once again…ugh…its hard to be ME! SO, I do believe the only thing I can be now is ageless….I am the age I am, the good the bad and the ugly drivers license picture! (yeah, I gave my self a gift of a better picture today, I figured out where the office is in this little “Burg (by the way…NO in NOBODY ELSE IN THE BUILDING, Nearly! and CASH ONLY!…ma’am!…ugh who carries CASH!) I can’t tell you how much better I felt after, I may have fudged a bit on the weight question, but really should they ask that, isn’t that against our civil rights or something? I told the truth…I am actually that a pound or two more!…don’t judge!)

This one act of kindness to myself will get me through until the year of our Lord 2019, with a decent picture! I can live with that…I mean I could be dead by then! Oh I forgot I am ageless now….oops, I will be here probably but I bet I don’t get another picture! I am sticking with this one….no double chin…its a winner! I say we all should adapt my new mantra….be ageless and just enjoy. Takes all the pressure off and who really cares!

It is now ninety-three minutes past my  birthday, October 14, 2015…….I am now slow….and old…without age!

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