Baby……oh baby!

As if life isn’t goofy enough…….here comes this little surprise…a dividend of sorts, a precocious bundle of perfection, miss ellie rose is her name and breaking my heart will be her game! From the first glimpse of her I was in love…..Baby, oh baby you have stolen my heart.
Back to the beginnings, no baby could hold a candle to my four, my three boys and one girl were the most beautiful children in the world and I will never think otherwise…..but darn it I have been blindsided by a grandbaby. Who knew?…..I had heard the stories but really never believed them. I am not a baby person..ever but, baby, oh baby. This little punk has captured me. AAAAUGH

I tried to stay strong, I kept a pretty good game face, reminded myself I was not going to deal with this, I am not ready for it, I won’t be ready…..blah blah blah. What a royal dummy! I guess I thought if I don’t buy into it all its not really happening…”hello my name is rose and I’m a grandma!” I didn’t even have to go through all twelve steps. Sunk at first sight! I drank the kool-aide…..AAAAAUGH!


I am not sure if it is only my grandbaby that causes my heart to love so fully, I feel confident the blessing is the sight of my own beautiful baby girl, her big smile and her GOD given  strength to pull herself back to joy. How could she not, she has been given the best gift, and how could I not, I have my best gift, the strong, precocious daughter I love with my whole heart, joy is inevitable. Full circle and prayers answered.

Life is so fragile, we parents stumble through it trying our best to not mess our kids up beyond repair….now it’s my daughter’s turn to get it right. I know she will out shine her old mom and raise our little ellie rose to be strong and brave just like she is and I will be here to catch them when they fall….me and Jesus.

Thank you daughter for this lovely gift and thank you Lord for the daughter you gave me, lovely hardly even describes her. My cup runneth over.


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