Butterfly_10042012 (Photo credit: rmb3588photo)

Maybe it’s just me, but I find it odd

To see a butterfly and then a frog

Along the road, beside the pond upon

A rock, with an army of ants with a leaf in tow.

They seemed to be friends, though how could that be

For a bunch of creatures from the grass and weeds could

English: Tea in a Meißen pink-rose teacup 日本語:...

Find the time to meet for tea, for a chat or a wave or a

bite from an occasional crumb from an old paper plate.

Picnics are full of interesting sorts of bits and snippets of

a  feast for a crew who meet on a rock, beside the pond

on a day in March at the beginning of Spring.

Picture of a Daffodill, scientifically referre...

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