maybe i died?

…..i hate to start this on a downer but……..has anyone noticed that i haven’t written in FOREVER!!!!? yeah…i know… either…..and even now i can’t even use the capital letter button as i write….i am soooo lazy!

…..ever have those times that so much is flying around in your head but for the life of you it is impossible to put anything together that even makes any sense (see current post!).

…so just to show some sign of life…i am not dead and i am not gone and i hope not forgotten…..but my life has been rushing by me with changes everyday….oh too much to say.

…i’ll be back….soon….love to all who read…….and just a side note, it is sooo hot in the south these days…just saying!

4 thoughts on “maybe i died?

  1. Awesome! Best post like….ever!! Better than I!!!!! Miss your posts!

    Sent from my iPhone Ps.136… His Mercy endureth forever! SabrinaWilson


    1. lol funny! I have been wanting to write but ya know it just seems like the words aren’t there….so many twists and turns lately for me….all good, praise the Lord!! Thanks for reading friend!!


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