Help number 100!!!

I have 99 blog followers….yippie….but one more PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 thoughts on “Help number 100!!!

      1. shame on moi??!! okay I’m going make you feel soooooo guilty you will have no other choice but to owe me a huge apology and some kind of payback after I’m are you ready?
        I think you know I was following you since way back when. Question is when did I stop following you. A lightbulb turned on in my head when I read this blog, and I said to myself, I bet I can be the 100th customer for blink of a second until it goes back own to 99. I unfollowed and I followed immediately. I was thinking about you and your request, I sensed the desperation and I took measure that was meaningful and full of heartwarm good intention…so sad…such accusation…I’m hurtin’ inside


      2. …well look at you….big shot, being all sweet and here on Valentines Day!!…ok I remove the shame on you, recant my horrible scolding…..see i wasnt crazy I had thought you had already followed me…I mean why wouldnt you have…so profound and all….I AM THE ONE TO FOLLOW! just soo’s ya know….haha oh well….no magic potion on making 100, I ws just on the cusp….so many of yall have a bazillion followers….I just sit here thinking all these profound thoughts hoping to get a little bit of love…but no….its ok I am humble about it! heehee! thanks for the kindness btw!


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