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Happy (belated) Easter from Prague! Or, Veselé Velikonoce, as it translates into Czech. My church in Prague, Nové Začátky (New Beginnings in English), had a wonderful Easter celebration earlier this month. As the most pivotal moment in the Christian tradition, Easter stands as a day to rejoice in the resurrection of Jesus and the new life he gives as a result of his miraculous rise from the grave.

The church was decorated in beautiful bright colors by Ulli Lillard, who is part of the pastoral team at New Beginnings. During the Good Friday service a couple of days before, Ulli draped these same pieces with dark fabric (which you can see underneath the beautiful colors) to symbolize Jesus’ death. What a lovely surprise to see all these bright colors on Easter morning!

Ulli even told me that she kept the black fabric underneath the brighter colors to show that Jesus’ death…

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