Good Old Girl

I’ve only been at this blogging game a couple of months but I can recognize that friends and relatives might become a bit cautious about what they say or do when I’m around — or else they unwittingly, or maybe it’s unwillingly, become a bloggortunity.

So what is a bloggortunity? (If you really want to know, skip on over to Kate’s page for the birth of the word!)

For me, a bloggortunity is whatever anyone says or does, that I see or hear about, that piques my interest enough for me to make an observation about it in my blog. And, no, it is not limited to family and friends. It encompasses the whole wide world — particularly the World Wide Web. (What a ripe for the plucking tree that is!)

So, all you folks out there, be aware, be forewarned, and be on your toes — we bloggortunists…

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