Like a toothache!

Sitting back at the dentist’s office once again — only three days after my ginormous tooth extraction. The pain was/is constant, which reminds me why the phrase, “hurts like a toothache!” was coined. Boy ‘o boy this is awful. Besides the fact I think he gave me six different pokes with the Novocain needle which in itself was more than I could take, okay the worst was over. Pop that puppy out and let’s leave! But NO! Let’s dig and dig and drill and all sorts of terrible noises! Only after forty-five minutes of this I have packing and four stitches! AUGH!

Who actually wants to grow up and be a dentist? Must be a sickness to withstand the hatred that us common folks have for their chosen profession. My fragile heart could never do it– have so many folks dread even the thought of me.

So he finishes the job — numb, I am for hours. Lord I despise that gauze they put in there. I am a gag looking for a place on most days anyway, weird smells and all. I spend the day on pain meds and all the grossness of tooth extraction. By the next day I think I may live only to get twelve more hours down the road and OWIE! The pain in my jaw!

“I put four stitches in so we won’t need to worry about a dry socket,” he states as I am comforted. The very words are nasty to hear I think. Whew, good news though. Which brings me to this morning and after a night of up and down, pain and sleep deprived, I make the call. Humiliated, I am whinny — probably just a big baby! They tell me to show up in an hour. I feel awful. Now I gotta go back only to find out my worst fear — the dreaded dry socket.

Okay I may just hurl thinking or even writing about it. So he washes and pokes and smears some more nasty stuff in there, more gaggy gauze. Come back tomorrow!


So what was wrong! I had stitches! That’s not fair!! Grrrrr!

He hoped he had kept it clear of that but no. It happened anyway, oh joy! No wonder I hurt.

Dang, I had four C-sections, I am tough. No Sir-e-e! This is the ultimate pain. No truer phrase has ever been coined — hurts like a toothache!

All I need now is the bunny ear bandage wrapped around my head!

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