…..she’s leaving

I have a song in my heart but it’s not one of joy, its of sadness.

Today, a beautiful young woman made a step in a new direction with her life.

I am not so sure it was the right one but it is her decision — a move far away from home.

The Beatles sang it best — “she’s leaving home, bye-bye”! Such sadness in the lyrics and makes me cry when I hear it but today especially! That’s my girl. “We gave her most of our lives.” The song is a haunting reference for us moms and dads who watch their children fly away like baby chicks out of the nest.

I am not sad actually for her to leave, it is for everyone to find their place in the world but if she was more prepared, etc. it would feel better. Being my only girl, it feels worse. She is bright and smart and smart-mouthed like her mom! And has my whole heart wrapped up in those blue eyes.

It’s hard when you see yourself in your children, like your life passing before your eyes only without any control, like a roller coaster out of control. I do know that she is protected by the Lord and HE will be there when I can’t. This is all I have to fall back on and I am thankful it is because really it is all I need.

If I have not conveyed the point well enough, let me say aloud — I miss my girl — and so does our scruffy dawg! He will sit at the bottom of the steps and watch for her return, patiently keeping his post for the day she steps back in sight, when he sees her blonde hair come up the stoop. He will be there with his first alert — the shrill bark of a longtime friend.

And right behind him her Daddy and I will be there waiting too!





2 thoughts on “…..she’s leaving

  1. What a sweet tribute! I have but one daughter myself, and so grateful for her as well. I’ll be praying for your transition.


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