….a day!

Funny how things work out… You spend half a day looking for a car title that you know for sure you have in your possession only to still not find… Lose the sale of the vehicle because of the “lost” title only to get a call later in the night from a family member whose transmission just spilled out all over the road. He needs transportation, gotta be at work in the morning this guy can’t seem to catch a break and keep it for very long! But, thank the Lord we still had a vehicle he could use. Funny how that happened! Well, not being a mechanic…we know all the fluid is gone…spraying everywhere, is it a hose or the whole shootin’ match? I have no idea, this vehicle, Big Blue… Has been on it’s last leg and in the realm of grace on the best day….. it comes as no surprise. And of course he just put his last thirty bucks of gas in! Oh boy! The obvious part is that I didn’t sell the car because he needed us to still have it, tonite! Wow Lord, what are you up too? Are you listening to this family members prayers and not ours? Nope, I know the answer.. You provided for us and now we are able to provide because of you, to him. Elementary my dear Watson! I could do without so much late night drama though! So goes another day in the life of this preacherswife….the more I know the less I know, sometimes I think this life is one big serendipity day with a splash of kowinkie dink! Geeeez!

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