…..my new fridge loves me!

… since we spoke, I now have a third fridge in fourteen days. But it’s new — made them bring it in the box, all taped up styrofoam and cardboard and straps and binding and everything! The other two were “open box” fridges.

Note to self — always buy “NEW” appliances!

I have ice to beat the band and I am back in the groove in the refrigeration department. I vow to take my own advice on buying new but the only technicality is when it is free! This brings me to my “new” dishwasher — FREE I say! And newer and nicer considering mine wasn’t working.

I could live kicking it old school hand washin’ though I hated it. But when our friend called and said his boss was getting an upgrade (he is well off and just changing because he can) and did I want his old one — YES please! Another friend installed it for us today, bless his heart it was a pain to install, on his one day off.

I am blessed!

So at this point, I have all stainless steel except for my stove. No worries. I am not a stickler for matchy matchy.

Good to know that even practical stuff like this is important to the Lord — he takes care of me pretty good.



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