About ME

I am a wife and a preacherswife and mother of 4 and I love my family. We moved back to my hometown near Nashville, TN and I am loving my life. I love writing, art…painting, creating something new from something old and I love God. I really wish people could lighten up and realize that God does love us and He cares what happens to us. A great man once said………..”believe Jesus and mind him!” That about says it all. Harder than it looks too…….Faith is the word! He has it all under control. Sometimes He whispers and sometimes he yells, I am just trying to learn what I need to after the whisper! I have journal ed over the years and I have always used this as a sort of therapy. My vision for this NEW way of journaling is to possibly help someone else who may be struggling with some of the same issues I am as well as for the pure joy of sharing my ups and downs. Moving back to my hometown area has been an adjustment…I have tended to re live some of my past, the good times and the bad. Memories make for interesting days and I tend to use those for writing, who needs a psychologist huh? I have no complaints…I am a blessed person, I have lived what feels like many lives and I am thrilled at the thought of the days to come. As a pastor’s wife my roll is more of a friend to our church family, we are not a two-headed monster…..HE is the pastor. I prefer to be involved with the ministry of hospitality and helps, women and of course the kiddos. I was raised on a farm the first ten years of my life and then after my parents divorce we moved to the town…..to my dismay! I eventually got over the shock and did ok…still always feeling like the odd man out but I survived. I always wanted to be an artist….my passion over all my school years. I have always loved every or any aspect of anything artsy! This is one venue for me to create with words. For anyone who reads…thank you for coming along!

…….and this is my sweet dog, Buddy! For which he is the best one ever!


Please leave a comment-good therapy!!

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