I’ve got a secret🤫

I have known for many years the scripture that states… “be sure your sins will find you out” Numbers 32:33… and it has been a forcefield  about my mind and heart to remind me to NOT do/say what I would not want repeated or put in the spotlight. This practice has kept me safe… most days… unless I break my code and spill out my private views or actions, then the repentance begins, (vicious cycle!) plenty of “I’m sorry’s” to go around. Never a good plan! Today I watched a story on Sunday Morning on CBS, (www.postsecrets.com)  (google it!)that struck me as helpful to those of us who have a sorted past or secrets that abide in our hearts, needing, wanting, wishing for exposure without the fear of incrimination. The piece was about a man who years ago worked as a suicide counselor and over time he realized that people held tight the info that torments them, so hard for them to “come clean” and reveal what hurt them. These secrets left covered up eat at us, they hold us hostage and if only we would let them go, healing would begin. So he was inspired to create postcards, blank ones with his return address for random people to write their “secrets” down and mail them in. Such freedom and release in such a simple act. But who knew this first, who knew that if only we would keep a short list of “errors” and not keep all that in; the things we say in our heads… in our hearts, whether it’s actually sin or not, sometimes it’s just a attitude or a hurt that we’ve let hold us back. God knew and knows that we are gonna think those thoughts and hold that pain but HE has given us the avenues to rid ourselves of this torture.

Allowing HIM to keep our secrets; telling the one who really already knows them, strengthens our relationship to HIM and with ourselves. I also think this was a creative way to help people deal with their stuff… the struggle is real and if this helps then all the better. I usually journal, when I’m mad and when I’m sad… and once I write it I let it go! It’s like a prayer, I even write my prayers and it’s super helpful to me.. heck I may even write a secret and send it to this guy, but I’m comforted in knowing that before I could write it down and send it off, the Lords already heard it, knows it and working it out for my good. That is a peace like no other! Just unload it and allow ourselves to live in freedom. Like un forgiveness, it only hurts me when I don’t forgive… so like I said.., keep a short list with GOD, don’t let ourselves get caught up in a push me pull you(Dr.Doolittle reference there) that ultimately ends up not helping anyone. Only stagnant waters.. swampy and full of slimy stuff!

Visit his site http://www.postsecrets.com a good read!

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